Professor Jonkman is an experienced (bio-)medical and pharmaceutical scientist. During the past 30 years he performed/supervised over 1,000 Phase I and Phase II clinical studies and 1,250 bio-analytical projects both in academia (University of Groningen, The Netherlands; University of Uppsala, Sweden; University of California, San Francisco, USA) and in the governmental environment (Food and Drug Administration, Washington D.C, USA; GCP-Inspection, The Hague,The Netherlands). He also performed research in the CRO-environment. He was founder and was executive director of the independent contract research organisation Pharma Bio-Research (Zuidlaren, The Netherlands) and director at PAREXEL (Berlin, Germany), working in close cooperation with pharmaceutical companies both “big pharma” and “biotech start-ups”.

Apart from the systematic training of research staff by organizing post-academic courses on Good Research Practices (GCP and GLP), Prof. Jonkman also wants to transfer his knowledge and experience to the young generation of (bio-)medical researchers by consultancy on an individual basis, by giving scientific and/or management advices.

His extensive business experience both in setting up new companies as well as managing medium sized commercial organizations proved to be very helpful.

He acts as an individual consultant for all parties in the whole spectrum of the drug development process: the innovating company (often a start-up biotech), the venture capitalist (often not aware of details of benefit and risks of the process) and the authorities.