Necessity of thorough training of all professionals involved in the conduct of clinical trials was acknowledged in an early stage by the University of Groningen by creating a chair in “Quality Management in Drug Research and Manufacturing” (1995). Since then Ph.D.- students of this university and those of the Utrecht University systematically follow a 8-day course in international Good Research Practices. The course is being organized by Professor JanHasker G. Jonkman under the auspices of the GUIDE-institute. It results in a GCP/GLP-certificate.


“Good Research Practices: GCP/GLP” (RuG/GUIDE)


Since 2006 the course is also open to other professionals involved in drug development who want to upgrade
their knowledge on this subject.


Participants will have access to extensive documentation on the contents of the course.
You can access those documents by logging in, using the User name and Password that will be provided one week before the start of the course and which is valid for three weeks only.


"These are the issues clinical trial are struggling with based on my inspections.
But number one on the list is the lack of GCP knowledge and training"


(Mike M. Rashti, Investigator, Food & Drug Administration, USA, 2006)